What did I learn this week?

Not back to school…or preschool

I read this post on the whole back-to-school mindset which has become part of our culture…I think she has it pretty spot on. Even though C isn’t old enough for grade school, we are already getting hit with it from parents who are putting their kids in preschool. For some reason, I get looked at […]


I found this interesting article online about unschooling.  Well, it is interesting if you are interested in unschooling…

Homeschooling is not a dirty word

My mom related to me an incident that occurred at the drop-in playgroup a few weeks back. During snack time, the kids sit at 3 large tables and share food from the snack tray that is served up. C, however, has taken to sitting at a small play table by herself, or, with one other […]