What did I learn this week?

My book would be REALLY complicated

C just finished her bath upstairs with Daddy and W.  I can hear her talking to Daddy about what she did today, and a few other things: “Well, Daddy, I could write a book, but my book would be REALLY complicated to understand because it would be written in Japanese.” “Oh, you can write in […]

Learning the language

I just love how children use language!  You hear people getting so excited about the new and different ways that this or that writer is using language, but there really is nothing to compare to the way kids use words when they are still learning the language. For example, yesterday C told me that the […]

Define this

C is constantly asking what certain words and phrases. Sometimes it is challenging to explain definitions in a way that actually makes sense to a child of 3. Here’s the latest example… “Mummy, what does ‘swashbuckle’ mean?” “Hmmm…swashbuckle…er…well, a swashbuckler is someone who wears puffy shirts and carries a sword and generally does heroic acts […]

This is getting ridiculous…

Tonight when I was getting C ready for bed she started getting very upset about why she was not allowed to have candy in bed. I’m not sure where she even got the idea in the first place, and I told her that she wasn’t missing anything, because no one we know gets chocolate in […]

Those would be MY kids…

They are the ones who aren’t wearing any clothes by the end of playgroup…and what about that little girl who isn’t wearing a coat or sweater in the freezing cold…do you hear that screaming…no, it is not a wild animal, just C upset about everything and anything. But, the two of them are also irrepressible […]

Men say the darndest things

Twice a week we go swimming at our favourite pool. We get up early and leave the house around 7:15 am, which gets us to the pool at prime time, i.e. when very few other people are there! Corey doesn’t always come, because he has meetings or other things he needs to do for work. […]

I just love old peoples’ faces!

Another of C’s gems: “Mummy, I just love old peoples’ faces!” “Oh, really?” “Yes! They are so wrinkly and FUN to play with!” Next thing I know, when Corey’s mom is here: “Nana, you have lots of wrinkles! I don’t have any on MY face.” Hmmmmm….luckily, Nana does not seem to take offence. However, given […]

Kids say the darndest things

OK, so please do not read this post if you are (a) offended by bad language, (b) shocked by things kids say, or (c) thinking of posting a comment opining that this is simply a result of poor parenting – JUST SO YOU KNOW! On Saturday I was getting out of the shower when I […]