What did I learn this week?

Holy Hanna Andersson

So, when I see stuff like this, it makes me wonder why I even bother trying! Yikes, this is a first project for goodness sakes! Sarah is a total goddess, and I am so lucky to know her, but really, sometimes it just makes me want to scarf down some high-fructose corn syrup AND some […]

Victoria Fibre Fest

The Victoria Fibre Fest and Knit-Out 2008 is next weekend, June 20-22.  Hmmm, wait a minute, isn’t something else due to happen that weekend? Well, I may or may not make it to this event…

Sweater update…

I know, I know, this is all very exciting and you can’t wait to hear how my first baby sweater project is progressing. Tonight we started on the collar, which I can easily finish at home this week. Next Monday is our last class and all that needs to be done to finish up is […]

I can’t seam!

No, not a spelling error or weird grammatical error. A statement of my frustration. I finished C’s hat today – Corey says “I thought you were knitting a sweater?” I say, “I am. This is my in-between project; the sweater is green, this has stripes, didn’t you notice?” I guess not…:) Anyway, all went well […]

Joining the club

Today I got my email invitation to become a member of Ravelry! As explained on the site, it is not that they are trying to be exclusive, just that the site is new, a lot of people want to sign up, and there is only one poor fellow doing all the code. Anyway, I love […]