What did I learn this week?

I don’t even know what to say about that…

So apparently medical students in Canada are routinely performing pelvic exams on unconscious women during surgery, without any consent, as part of their medical training.  I won`t bother saying more, since there is already LOTS to read from many other rightfully livid bloggers out there like this one.  There is also a petition you can […]

At least I know people doing exciting things…

My sister and her husband are doing the Tour D’Afrique this year.  Kind of makes aspirations to do the Times Colonist 10K a little tame…

Rock on girlfriend

I just put a link on my blogroll to my friend Sarah’s food blog. Sarah knows about a lot of things, and she especially knows food. Did I mention she is learning to knit? Sarah was not satisfied to knit the sample square for class. She mad an actual scarf for her little girl. With […]

Got real milk?

Congratulate us, we are now members of the cowshare community! Thanks to our good friend Sarah, we “own” a share of a lovely Jersey milking cow named Nell. Starting next week, we will be getting a gallon a week of real, fresh from the cow, milk. What’s the difference between this and commercial milk? Well, […]

Stain Stick MIA

For some reason, I can’t find Spray N Wash Stain Stick anywhere. I have been to 6 different retailers, and I even phoned Spray N Wash – no one knows where it is (or, in the case of the retailers, what it is). I feel like I am in some surreal sci-fi story where things […]

Breastfeeding challenge 2008

Well, if I were really on top of things I would have posted this earlier – this years’ Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge is happening this weekend, Saturday, October 11 at SilverCity. But, since very few people read this anyway, I don’t think my failure to post about it will make much difference! 🙂

We are NOT Gordon Campbell boosters!

When the B.C. government kindly sent us our $300 climate action dividend cheque we asked ourselves the same question everyone else in B.C. asked themselves: “should we use this to reduce our family’s carbon footprint, or just fill up our giant SUV with gas?” As you know, we no longer have the giant SUV, so […]

EWG’s top 10 safer sunscreens for 2008

Following up on the same research it did last year, the Environmental Working Group has again released its latest recommendations for choosing safer sunscreens this summer. You can view their top 10 list of products for 2008 here.

This is news…?

I guess it is for some people. Apparently there is mounting evidence confirming that overweight babies and toddlers are at an increased risk for obesity later in life. There is definitely a difference between having a toddler who still carries “baby fat” and one who is overweight, but most parents of these children seem to […]