What did I learn this week?

Goodbye Mountain Buggy; hello Joovy

A couple weeks back I decided that it was sadly time to part with my beloved red Mountain Buggy stroller. I bought this stroller before C was born and it was my one really exspensive spluge item. Although C didn’t think much of it at first, she eventually warmed up to it – at about […]

EWG’s top 10 safer sunscreens for 2008

Following up on the same research it did last year, the Environmental Working Group has again released its latest recommendations for choosing safer sunscreens this summer. You can view their top 10 list of products for 2008 here.

Baby Kangas in the house

On Friday I was in the newly opened retail space for Jamtots. The store looks good, but the staff still seems a bit in the dark about the products – whether they have them, will get them, and how one product compares to another. Hopefully time will change that, since the women who started Jamtots […]

Problem resolved?

So yesterday I got an email from Bummis saying that they will send me a replacement for the defective Bamboozle diaper. That is great of course, but I would have been a bit happier if they had decided to do this right away rather than all the rigamarole that occurred. But, the important thing is […]

Feeling bamboozled

A few months ago I switched C to cloth diapers. It is something that I had intended to do sooner, but never got around to. Also, I was hoping she would take to using the potty on a regular basis, but so far, she is really not consistently interested. By the way, she also rages […]