What did I learn this week?

Socialization 101

I know that it is ALWAYS the first question, but what are people actually asking when they say to me, “If your kids are being homeschooled, how will they ever get socialized?”  I don’t know about anyone else, but before I started telling people that I planned to homeschool, I only ever heard people speak […]

Freedom to read…everything

I have been thinking lately about how much control (or not) we as parents choose to exercise over our children’s reading material.  I come from a very literate household, and we read all kinds of things to C in particular.  She makes it clear what she is interested in having us read to her, and […]

My family is my career

This post was reprinted on Home Learning Victoria. I remember when I first told someone that I was quitting my job to stay at home and raise my children, their response was, “Why?  I mean, it’s not like you don’t have an education and no other options?”  This person honestly could not understand why on […]

Reliving the past

Since I had children, I spend MUCH less time on the computer, reading the paper, watching the news on TV, or renting movies.  In fact, it has become so bad, that I actually feel paralyzed if I do go to rent a movie, because I have no idea what has been released in the last […]

Burning with questions…

Summer is here and C’s 5th birthday approaches.  Along with this is the usual question, “What school will C be going to?”  Most people do not react negatively when I tell them that my kids are going to be home schooled.  However, I did have one neighborhood dad who I see fairly regularly at the […]

Wow, I love this…and this

I  know this doesn’t really count as updating my own blog (WHICH I WILL…SOON) but I just loved this post, “Fears and the Fathering Paradigm”, by Jeff Sabo so much that I had to link to it.  I think a lot of men can identify with what Jeff says, and he writes about it so […]

Yeah, yeah, I’m getting there…!

Thanks to Zenmomma for this one.

Celebrating a new year

Tonight we celebrated the fire festival Brigit or Imbolc to mark the impending return of the light and first stirrings of spring.   Today is the midpoint between winter solstice and the spring equinox.  If you look around you, it is clear that the season is changing, and that winter is receding.  When we ate dinner […]

I don’t even know what to say about that…

So apparently medical students in Canada are routinely performing pelvic exams on unconscious women during surgery, without any consent, as part of their medical training.  I won`t bother saying more, since there is already LOTS to read from many other rightfully livid bloggers out there like this one.  There is also a petition you can […]

At least I know people doing exciting things…

My sister and her husband are doing the Tour D’Afrique this year.  Kind of makes aspirations to do the Times Colonist 10K a little tame…