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Burning with questions…

Summer is here and C’s 5th birthday approaches.  Along with this is the usual question, “What school will C be going to?”  Most people do not react negatively when I tell them that my kids are going to be home schooled.  However, I did have one neighborhood dad who I see fairly regularly at the park react with complete shock: ” What?  Why?  For how long?”  I did my best to try and give him the short answer, but thinking back on it and relating the story to my family that night I actually found the whole thing quite funny.  He reacted to my announcement as if he had been fooled into thinking I was “normal” and then had suddenly and abruptly found out I was not!

To his credit, and my further amusement, the next time I saw him in the park he approached me and said, “Since you told me you were going to home school, I have been simply burning with questions.”  Wow.  I caused someone to think enough to have burning questions.  I feel pretty good about that.  We had a nice talk, and I told him a bit more about my ideas about why I believe home schooling is the right choice for our family, so it all worked out.

Corey tells me that sometimes at work the same question comes up.  When he says the words “home schooling” the invariable follow up question is, “But how will she get socialized?”  (I always think people are talking about puppies or something when they say this.)  Thinking ahead on behalf of my dear husband, months ago I asked  him read Rachel Gathercole’s book, The Well-Adjusted Child: The Social Benefits of Homeschooling.  Corey has therefore been able to respond quite quickly to this question by saying, “Well, I think its actually the kids in school that we should be concerned about when it comes to socialization” and then going on to give the questioner a few things to think about themselves.  He says it works quite handily!

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  1. I often find that the people with the burning questions, the ones that seem to be attacking our decision, are actually the ones who are on some level interested in homeschooling their own children. And I love the socialization answer, recently my mother was told by an older gentleman that he felt sorry for home schoolers as they didn’t get socialization. My mother laughed as socialization seems to be the back bone of my ‘curriculum’.
    Have a great day,

  2. I love it when that happens. I have to remind myself that often when people react like that (Wow! Why?!) it’s maybe because they’d been wondering about it themselves. Even if not, I think I’ve gotten many people to think a bit differently about what they thought homeschooling was.

  3. I think you are both right about that…I think it is the same thing that seems to happen when people question any parenting choice (e.g. co-sleeping, breastfeeding etc.) that differs from what they may be doing. Everyone wants to believe that they have made the best choices for their children, but have trouble reconciling that notion of “best” when they hear about someone else doing something that is different!

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