What did I learn this week?

My book would be REALLY complicated

C just finished her bath upstairs with Daddy and W.  I can hear her talking to Daddy about what she did today, and a few other things:

“Well, Daddy, I could write a book, but my book would be REALLY complicated to understand because it would be written in Japanese.”

“Oh, you can write in Japanese?”

“Yes, Daddy, in Japanese character letters.  I also speak in Chinese.”

“How did you learn that? From Katy Chan?”

“No Daddy, I read the Chinese characters on the inside label of my backpack.”

2 Responses to “My book would be REALLY complicated”

  1. To think I could have learnt Chinese from a backpack rather than all those tedious hours spent memorizing. If only I had known. Chinese children all over the world should take this to their parents.

  2. Oh so THAT’s what she was talking about yesterday when she said she could speak chinese! I thought you had her in a language class or something 🙂

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