What did I learn this week?

Learning the language

I just love how children use language!  You hear people getting so excited about the new and different ways that this or that writer is using language, but there really is nothing to compare to the way kids use words when they are still learning the language.

For example, yesterday C told me that the Peter Rabbit lamp in the spare bedroom is really a garden where she is growing her vegetables for winter.  The lamp has little wooden carrot tops sticking out in rows, so it really does look like a little vegetable patch.  This morning she says to me,

“Mummy, today I am going to undig my garden so we can eat the carrots.”

Undig.  Now that is a great word.  Kind of like the word “debark” – which means to disembark, not to get the surgery that stops your dog from barking.  Of course, sometimes the language isn’t so fit for all company.  My mom told me that the other day C was trying to decide what to name the little toy bat she was carrying around.  Apparently it was a toss up between “Mr. Sweetums” and “Little Bastard.”

Thankfully the former won out over the latter.

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