What did I learn this week?

We now resume our regular programming…

Ok, so I have been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging since we went on our road trip to California. No need to say anything about that since Corey has thoroughly documented the whole trip!

I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately and unable to get anything done that takes more than a couple minutes away from the kids. Even nights are dicey, since W still has to be put to sleep downstairs on my lap (and sometimes doesn’t leave it until we go to bed). Oh, and did I mention that my computer is closing in on 10 years old and so is sometimes a complete chore to blog on?  Regardless, I am going to try to get back into my routine of weekly posts (at least), and not leave my site to languish in even greater depths of obscurity.

I had an interesting conversation with another stay at home mom today. She is upset because she feels that her mother gives her sister more attention and help with her children because the sister is a working professional as opposed to a stay at home mom. Her view is that her mom doesn’t seem to think that a stay at home mom needs any help. I have no idea if that is what her mom actually thinks, but I understand what she was getting at. Basically, it comes down again to that same old notion that raising children isn’t work, it’s life, and so you don’t need help, you just need to do it and not complain about it.

Of course, I think everyone would understand that even a mother who has chosen to stay at home needs support, but at the same time, there is less sympathy for her because she made that choice to stay at home and raise her children. It’s an interesting dilemma, and I can’t say that I know what the answer is except to say that everyone needs help and support to to a really good job of what they want to do, whether that is raising children or working outside the home. No one has it all, or has it easy all the time, no matter how it may look to others. Sometimes it is hard to remember that, especially when we are experiencing other negative emotions like envy, jealousy, or anger – which we all feel from time to time whether we acknowledge those emotions or not.

Well, enough of this for tonight, but if you find yourself in the painful grip of negative emotions, try saying this to yourself instead of getting upset:

“breathe in smiles; breathe out happiness; think about this moment, and know that it is wonderful.”

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