What did I learn this week?

My book would be REALLY complicated

C just finished her bath upstairs with Daddy and W.  I can hear her talking to Daddy about what she did today, and a few other things: “Well, Daddy, I could write a book, but my book would be REALLY complicated to understand because it would be written in Japanese.” “Oh, you can write in […]

Learning the language

I just love how children use language!  You hear people getting so excited about the new and different ways that this or that writer is using language, but there really is nothing to compare to the way kids use words when they are still learning the language. For example, yesterday C told me that the […]

We now resume our regular programming…

Ok, so I have been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging since we went on our road trip to California. No need to say anything about that since Corey has thoroughly documented the whole trip! I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately and unable to get anything done that takes more than a couple […]