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Goodbye Mountain Buggy; hello Joovy

A couple weeks back I decided that it was sadly time to part with my beloved red Mountain Buggy stroller. I bought this stroller before C was born and it was my one really exspensive spluge item. Although C didn’t think much of it at first, she eventually warmed up to it – at about 18 months of age.

Since W was born, he has been riding in the Mountain Buggy, but C suddenly took a renewed interest in strollering and so would constantly insist on perching on the front wheel. Needless to say, this caused some problems. Firstly, it made the stroller a bit hard to steer. Secondly, W constantly grabbed and pulled C’s hair, which, as you can imagine, did NOT go over well with Herself.

In any event, I decided that I would sell my beloved Mountain Buggy and buy a more practical tandem stroller instead. After a bit of thought and internet research, it appeared that the Joovy Ultralight Caboose would be just the ticket. My friend Melaina had used hers for a year now, and seemed happy with it.

Not one to waste time once my mind was made up, I posted the Mountain Buggy online and sold it within 2 days. I must admit to some tightness in the chest as it was happily wheeled out of my front yard by its new, pregnant, owner. Corey was also quite distressed. “What are we going to do now?” he says a bit frantically as we go inside. “Oh don’t worry so much.” I say. Eek, is what I’m actually thinking, I don’t want to be stuck with NO stroller at all. That kind of defeats the purpose of this exercise.

The next day I rushed down to TJ’s to find a replacement. Both kids fell asleep in the van on the way, so Lance kept watch while my mom and I went in. I was a tough customer but I got what I wanted. The sale went something like this:

Me: “Hello. Do you have any Joovy Ultralights in stock?”

Salesperson: “Yes. What colour did you want?”

Me: “Anything but black.” (Corey’s request.)

Salesperson: “We have all colours. Orange is on sale.”

Here is where my keen bargaining skills came into play.

Me: “Great. I love orange. Ring it up for me.”

So, that is how I got my orange stroller (which I actually do like the colour of). The best part? After selling my 4 year old Mountain Buggy and buying this new stroller on sale, I still had $75 left over.

After using the Joovy now for a few weeks, I’d have to say that it was definitely the right move, and I have (almost) completely got over the loss, er…sale of my previous stroller.

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  1. Too funny. We bought a “silver” (= gray) Mountain Buggy for Izzy, and then we bought the orange Joovy when Benji was born. We kept the Mountain Buggy though. I call it the BMW of strollers (the Bugaboo is the Jag). We sold the Joovy last year as Izzy never stood on it. Of course, this summer, she too has renewed her interest in strollers, so she and Benji take turns in the Mountain Buggy. I was beginning to wish I had the double Mountain Buggy, but this phase can’t last forever, right? Right?!

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