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Saturday market special

This morning my mom and I enjoyed an early morning coffee date before picking up W from Daddy’s care and meeting Lance and C at the Saturday James Bay Community Market. We met up with Sarah (sans child), and Melaina and Wendy with younger ones in tow, and had a nice time sitting on the grass and eating and listening to the music. Great James Bay times.

What else was going on at the market today? The health inspector was making the rounds. Uh oh. Ok, ok, I know the guy is only doing his job, but still. The last visit caused the coffee stand some problems because they were told that instead of providing milk in insulated jugs kept in a cooler, they had to set out those little plastic teaspoon sized creamer thingys (so-called). NOT enviro-friendly VIHA, thanks very much (do you know how many it takes to properly “cream” your coffee?). Anyway, the coffee stand was again the victim today, and it looks like we are losing our pie.

In addition to coffee, the coffee stand people also sell fresh baked pie and other goodies by the slice. The health inspector told them that if they wanted to sell the pie, the pie slices would all have to be cut and individually sliced and wrapped in plastic before arriving at the market (I’ll just pause here to let you imagine how appetizing the pie would look if subjected to such barbaric treatment). Excuse me, but exactly how does that protect us from food borne illness, or whatever else the inspector is concerned about? The vendor already warns people by way of a sign that the food is prepared in a kitchen not inspected by the government, so what else do you need? Sorry, but I would rather NOT put plastic so-called creamer thingys in my coffee and rather NOT eat pies wrapped in plastic. Leave it to VIHA to make things mean instead of green.

Ok, so maybe this isn’t the most pressing example of the government threating food security with its unreasonable and overarching regulation, but, when I go to the market, I want a piece of uninspected, unwrapped pie, preferably accompanied by coffee with raw milk from a local grass fed cow. And, maybe too much to ask for, but some unpasteurized whipped cream to put on top wouldn’t go down poorly either.

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  1. I knew that guy seemed a little TOO friendly!!!! He is making the International Women’s Catering Co-op buy a new thermometer, too, because theirs is “too hard to read”.

    Maybe the coffee stand will have to start hiding the pie when he comes around. I wondered why Marci was wrapping all her muffins individually – she had never seemed plastic-wrap-happy before.

    We should call VIHA and ask to see published, peer-reviewed evidence that plastic wrap employed in this (distinctly environmentally unfriendly) manner has a statistically significant impact on food-borne illness transmitted by baked goods.

  2. I totally agree…this is exactly the kind of thing I would have chased down unrelentingly when I was working full time and had no kids, but still seemed to have lots of extra time to do important and interesting things like hassle VIHA!

    That said, this might be one of those things where a phone call could get the basic policy documents to at least take a look at what the starting position is…I am wondering if any of the market vendors are on this already, or if they are just trying to keep under the radar as much as possible. I don’t blame them if they don’t want to rattle the cage when they are the ones locked in it with the health inspector.

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