What did I learn this week?

Mission accomplished

Cute!So here is the final result of my first attempt at dressmaking (AKA the beautiful mauve eyelet dress).

I know that there are LOTS of people out there who are terrific sewers, and I am just a beginner, but, I think it turned out pretty good! And, most importantly, SHE likes it too.

For those interested in such things, the dress was made from this Burda pattern. I did make a couple of changes, most notably, the satin ribbon is topstiched across the entire bodice, rather than tied in a bow with beads. I thought the bow and bead option would end up being a headache to iron. This version has come nicely out of the wash and hung up after a brief stint in the dryer without needing to be ironed. That’s what I like.

(Note also the image attachment for this post. My in-house admin FINALLY upgraded the version of WordPress I was using!)

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