What did I learn this week?

Early mornings

Every parent has to turn into an early riser. Children just don’t sleep in — or, not very many of them do and not very often. I’ve never been someone who sleeps in a lot, but even I would prefer to get up at 7.30 am — no earlier. At least with the summer months coming, the mornings are a bit easier to take. I don’t think there is a much worse way to start the day than getting up when it is still dark. Except, getting up in the dark to a child who is in a VERY bad mood.

I’ve read in some parenting books that one of the traits of “difficult” children is that they wake up irritable. That is most certainly the case with C. There are times when she is not too bad, but, basically, if W is around (which he is every morning) and Mummy and Daddy are not pleased about being made to get up (which we usually aren’t), then lets just say that things don’t always go — er, what’s the word? — smoothly.

Yes, things are definitely not going smoothly this morning…

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  1. Um, happy mother’s day? ((hug))

    I won’t even tell you what time I got up today. But that’s interesting about kids waking up irritable. Rowan wakes up cheerful every day. Sometimes, that too is hard to take. “Cock-a-doodle-doo!!! WAKE UP MUMMY!!!! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TODAY!???? WAKE UP MUMMY!!!!” Why can’t she wake up like a grown-up? (ie, open one eye, grunt, roll over and go back to sleep for half an hour)

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