What did I learn this week?

The look of love

One of the things I love about children of all ages is that when life is good, it is REALLY good. You can see on their face the absoluteness of their happiness. They feel good in their bodies and in their hearts. I think we would all like it if we could recapture the freedom […]

Mission accomplished

So here is the final result of my first attempt at dressmaking (AKA the beautiful mauve eyelet dress). I know that there are LOTS of people out there who are terrific sewers, and I am just a beginner, but, I think it turned out pretty good! And, most importantly, SHE likes it too. For those […]

Pee etiquette

This morning we headed off to Beacon Hill Park to meet with our Wednesday morning “hiking” group. When we arrived, C told me she had to use the toilet, so I said I would take her before the group headed out. On our way, one of the other two moms in the group arrived with […]

Early mornings

Every parent has to turn into an early riser. Children just don’t sleep in — or, not very many of them do and not very often. I’ve never been someone who sleeps in a lot, but even I would prefer to get up at 7.30 am — no earlier. At least with the summer months […]