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I love it when that happens! Part 2

So, I sure did think that I was lucky when I got the Mala art easel for free, but that is nothing compared to our latest score: a brand new washer and dryer set courtesy of Thrifty Foods! Yes, that’s right, we are the lucky winners of the “Spring Clean” contest and will soon house a Kenmore Elite HE 3T steam washer and dryer pair in our laundry “room” – or, rather, our walk in laundry closet, to be completely accurate.

It is funny because just about a month ago Corey and I were talking about how we wished we had a bigger washer and dryer, because the Samsung pair we have now is compact and really optimized for 2 or maybe 3 people – certainly not the 6 we have in this household. C and I entered the contest online and filled out the form that returns the message when you press enter – Thank you for entering. I don’t know about you, but I always wondered if those little web contest forms actually delivered your entry – but now I can say for certain, yes, they do.

I think that only Constance will truly appreciate the absolute perfection of this particular prize – I can honestly say that I would take this any day over a trip to Mexico or that kind of prize. Actually, I will take any prize – who am I kidding? But you know what I mean. This is something I can actually USE. EVERY DAY! Or, maybe every other day now, since it is so much bigger than our old washer and dryer.

Also scored this week was a little yellow kids two wheeled bike with training wheels. Some people may have “issues” with salvaging freecycles from the boulevard and other give away locations, but not me! There is some great stuff out there if you are lucky enough to find it. I haven’t measured up the bike yet to see if it will be the right size for C, but if it is too small, I’ll just keep it for W.

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  1. Take the training wheels and the pedals off the bike and turn it into a balance bike! Pedalling is easy, but balance is hard – learning balance first ensures kids get more familiar with the bike than the pavement.

    I’m all for salvaging from the curb, but just don’t ever be tempted by furniture. My sister picked up a chair once and her house was filled with fleas in no time. Fun!

  2. Yes, I agree about the furniture. My general salvage rule is to only salvage what can be cleaned – easily, since I’m not really all that into cleaning and the time it takes away from more interesting activities!

    That’s a good idea about turning it into a balance bike – that had not occurred to me…

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