What did I learn this week?

I love it when that happens!

For the last month or so we have been talking about how to rearrange our limited kitchen space somewhat to better accommodate the arts and crafts supplies. We decided to ditch the Step 2 Art Master Activity Desk (a freebee with Lance’s Amex points) because it had almost no storage and kept getting piled up with stuff. I know that from the picture it looks like you can keep everything in the desk, but trust me, with little kids, that kind of organization only happens in a catalogue photo. Plust, most of the supplies that I did not want C getting into without advance notice to an adult (paints etc.) were being kept in a really inconvenient place – in a Rubbermaid tub on top of the Ikea Billy bookcase.

Also, I don’t know about your kids, but mine won’t sit at a little desk by herself and create stuff. So, I decided what I needed was a storage solution and an art easel. This should work better for C (and W, when the time comes). Being an Ikea fan, I knew that they would have a solution that worked for me, and they did! Unfortunately, since there is no Ikea here, I decided to break down and mail order the desired item – all the way from their home shopping centre in Montreal of all places. So now we have Trofast where the art desk used to be, with the Rubbermaid tub sitting on top – a lot more convenient for everyone. I ordered five of the small green and two of the medium sized red containers rather than the three large white ones shown in the photo, and it looks much more stylish – maybe because red and green are the colours in my kitchen?

After getting that sorted I thought, OK, now I just need an art easel…hmmmm. Then today I look outside to see my new neighbours moving into the rental house next door, and what do I see sitting on the boulevard, left by the previous tenant, for anyone who wants it? You got it, an Ikea Mala art easel! I love it when that happens!

Now, where to put this stuff…hmmm….OK, I turned the kitchen table the other way, which gave me some more width to work with, and put the easel next to Trofast, in front of Billy. Perfect. Now C won’t keep opening up the doors to Billy to press her face against the inside of the glass.

Tried out the new system today, and it works great. The only tweaking is that since I turned the table around, the track lighting is going the wrong way, so Corey is going to look into getting an extra piece to run some track the other way so we can move the light fixtures.

Now, to find a suitable new home for the old art desk…

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  1. put the step 2 art master art table on the boulevard for who ever wants it.

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