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Disney Princesses keep coming at me

After my previous rant, Corey kindly found this article for me on the Disney Princesses. Clearly I am NOT the only one who has issues with the Disney Princesses.

Did I mention that this weekend’s visit by Corey’s mom was accompanied by a present for given to C (without warning) in the form of a GIANT Disney Princess Pillow Book? Since it is VERY large (pillow sized, in fact), and VERY pink, it will be nigh impossible to disappear it into that void (ie Daddy’s office closet) where other similar offenders have been banished to in the past.

Should I read it over and over in the hopes that she gets sick of it, or just refuse to read it on principle? Hmmmmm. Any thoughts?

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  1. I refuse to read Thomas the Tank Engine on principle, and every time she asks, Rowan gets a lecture about how usefulness is not the only virtue that matters, and how the trains are not very nice to each other and that Sodor is a dictatorship founded on invalid psychological principles. I’m ok with her “colouring” Thomas pictures or whatever, but I don’t read the book (we only have one, I bought it before reading it – I had no idea it was that bad). I think it’s important that kids learn that there are aspects of our culture that we don’t agree with, and it’s important that they learn *why*. They might not thoroughly understand the explanation, but I hope that just knowing that I’m not keen on the world that Thomas and Friends live in will help her approach it more critically.

    So yeah, I would refuse to read the princess book to C, and explain why. It’s never to early to be a good feminist. 🙂 And, she might internalize the anti-princess theories to the point that she influences her friends later on, too.

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