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Please add sugar

Maybe it is just me, but I have a thing about birthday cakes. Namely, they should have sugar in them. Call me crazy, but there is NO SUCH THING as a cake that tastes “just as good” without it. I would say that I probably feel as strongly about this burning issue as Sarah does about vegan cupcakes!

I know that kids should not eat a lot of refined sugar because it just isn’t good for them, and I certainly don’t advocate for crappy cakes, but a properly made birthday cake (like the carrot coconut cake in the Rebar Cookbook) made with actual sugar is a lovely treat that is not going to do any harm. I know also that there are lots of people who may disagree (one person recently referred to such a practice of serving cakes containing sugar as “damaging on a cellular level”), but there is nothing that will change my mind about this. Call me rigid, but I won’t eat tofurky either.

2 Responses to “Please add sugar”

  1. Tofurkey is WAY worse for you than sugar. No question. Also, it is vile on every aesthetic level possible.

    I do have to say though, that I have made very good carrot cakes with unrefined sugar (sucanat). It’s still sugar, just without the molasses removed. I actually prefer the taste in a lot of baked goods, especially if there’s cinnamon involved. Let’s have a bake-off! (C’mon, you know you want an excuse to eat TWO carrot carrot cakes.)

    Icing, on the other hand, needs icing sugar.

  2. So, I have been using the sucanat as suggested and it does work decently (although chocolate chip cookies were a bit more cakey than before).

    I’m fairly certain I would lose any bake-off or cook-off or any kind of food-off going head to head with Sarah! Maybe we could just make and eat the carrot cakes without any excuse making? 🙂

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