What did I learn this week?

This is getting ridiculous…

Tonight when I was getting C ready for bed she started getting very upset about why she was not allowed to have candy in bed. I’m not sure where she even got the idea in the first place, and I told her that she wasn’t missing anything, because no one we know gets chocolate in bed. Apparently, though, I am wrong about that.

“I am concerned about there being a girl who sneaks down to the cupboard and gets the chocolate and then eats it in bed.”

“But we don’t know anyone like that.”

“Yes, I do. I met her.”


“At the bookstore yesterday.” (This part is reality based. We were in fact at the bookstore.)

“Oh really? Who was that?”

“A little girl. Her name is Bridget and her mummy is Elan.” (Bonus points for creative literary names.)

“Well I don’t remember that. Maybe I should ask Momo if she does.”

“Don’t do that.” (Aha, we realize our literary web is weakening and about to fall apart.”

No chocolates or other candy were served in bed.

4 Responses to “This is getting ridiculous…”

  1. If I ever have another kid, I am totally coming to C for name suggestions. That is hilarious. For the record, there is never any candy in our bed, either.

  2. Chocolate is served in bed here, but mostly it is eaten by a big boy who sneaks into the kitchen at night. Does Momo remember Elan and Bridget? Did Momo eat chocolate in bed or at least hide it in the bedroom?

  3. We ALL know that Momo and Poppy eat chocolates and potato chips in bed (ah the benefits of senior living)! Actually, I don’t think C knows that, or she would have worked that into her story somehow. Elan and Bridget are completely made up…I did double check with Momo to make sure!

  4. Is C on her way to Australia? Because the news reported, today: “Queensland braces for C”

    – it is the name of the latest cyclone 🙂

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