What did I learn this week?

This is getting ridiculous…

Tonight when I was getting C ready for bed she started getting very upset about why she was not allowed to have candy in bed. I’m not sure where she even got the idea in the first place, and I told her that she wasn’t missing anything, because no one we know gets chocolate in […]

What the heck have you been doing?

Well it has been a VERY busy month what with Christmas and everything else. Also, W has hit the stage where he wakes up every time I put him down asleep, so I end up having him sleep in arms in the evening. As a result, about the only activity I can engage in during […]

Into the Lion’s Den

On Saturday evenings at 7.30 on JoyTV there is a program called Indian Lion’s Den. On the JoyTV website it is listed under Sikh faith programming, and says that it involves interviews, news and current events. However, it also features music videos which combine Indian pop in Punjabi with more traditional English language rap. Now, […]

Have I told you about Corey?

Just a quick note to say how wonderful my husband is. Even though we can’t go out together on “dates” like we used to, Corey brings home treats for Friday and Saturday “date night” at home. Thanks for being such a sweet and thoughtful sweet!

Those would be MY kids…

They are the ones who aren’t wearing any clothes by the end of playgroup…and what about that little girl who isn’t wearing a coat or sweater in the freezing cold…do you hear that screaming…no, it is not a wild animal, just C upset about everything and anything. But, the two of them are also irrepressible […]