What did I learn this week?

Family visits…

Yesterday we went up to visit with Nana. C really wanted some one on one time with her, which she never gets. While we were there, C all of a sudden turned to me and said, “I’m just wondering why Clare isn’t here?” Clare is her cousin – Corey’s brother and his wife have 3 […]

Rock on girlfriend

I just put a link on my blogroll to my friend Sarah’s food blog. Sarah knows about a lot of things, and she especially knows food. Did I mention she is learning to knit? Sarah was not satisfied to knit the sample square for class. She mad an actual scarf for her little girl. With […]

Got real milk?

Congratulate us, we are now members of the cowshare community! Thanks to our good friend Sarah, we “own” a share of a lovely Jersey milking cow named Nell. Starting next week, we will be getting a gallon a week of real, fresh from the cow, milk. What’s the difference between this and commercial milk? Well, […]

Stain Stick MIA

For some reason, I can’t find Spray N Wash Stain Stick anywhere. I have been to 6 different retailers, and I even phoned Spray N Wash – no one knows where it is (or, in the case of the retailers, what it is). I feel like I am in some surreal sci-fi story where things […]

Welcome to the pest house

For the last four weeks, everyone here has been sick – unfortunately including me. For anyone who thinks there is nothing worse than being sick, it is, in fact, much worse when you have small children to look after (who are also sick). What I have found yet again, is that women do seem to […]