What did I learn this week?

We are NOT Gordon Campbell boosters!

When the B.C. government kindly sent us our $300 climate action dividend cheque we asked ourselves the same question everyone else in B.C. asked themselves: “should we use this to reduce our family’s carbon footprint, or just fill up our giant SUV with gas?”

As you know, we no longer have the giant SUV, so we decided to put the $300 to better use. We are now the proud owners of a Lee Valley reel mower and a very long retractable outdoor clothesline for our deck. We were going to buy these things anyway, so getting the money to do so was an added bonus.

I still don’t think the Liberals should have done this in the first place but since they did, at least we can say we put our money to good use. But, did you hear the latest? A whole bunch of people who did not qualify were mistakenly sent climate action dividend cheques (and I guess these honest folk cashed the cheques hoping the snafu would not be noticed). Not to worry says the government, it will be NO PROBLEM to collect the $2 million back.

Yeah right, and how much is THAT going to cost…more than a reel mower and a clothesline, or even a tank of gas for a giant SUV I bet.

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