What did I learn this week?

You’ve got the cutest little baby face…

W is getting bigger and bigger every day.  Unlike his sister C at the same age, W is already smiling, and even starting to laugh – albeit in his sleep.  I wonder what he is dreaming about that he finds so amusing?  Since both kids are changing so much every day, I am glad that there are two grandparents in their lives who are so interested in them and want to be part of the fun.  Like last night, for example…

Last night we went to the 40th birthday party for a dear friend whom I have known since grade 6.  Not one to put on the same old boring fete, in honour of the occaision Diana recreated (to the best of her extensive ability) King Midas’ Funeral Feast.  Well, she is an archaeologist after all.

Of course, C wanted to know who King Midas was, and after acquiring this information from Diana, spent a large portion of the evening telling the other guests all about him and just generally being delightful.  W charmed the crowd with little smiles and then by falling asleep.

It really was a great evening, and I am so glad the whole family was together to enjoy it!

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