What did I learn this week?

Men say the darndest things

Twice a week we go swimming at our favourite pool. We get up early and leave the house around 7:15 am, which gets us to the pool at prime time, i.e. when very few other people are there! Corey doesn’t always come, because he has meetings or other things he needs to do for work. […]

We are NOT Gordon Campbell boosters!

When the B.C. government kindly sent us our $300 climate action dividend cheque we asked ourselves the same question everyone else in B.C. asked themselves: “should we use this to reduce our family’s carbon footprint, or just fill up our giant SUV with gas?” As you know, we no longer have the giant SUV, so […]

Coming to the dharma

The past year has been full of change, and particularly difficult for Corey – who himself admits is not a person who deals well with change. I asked Corey a few nights ago if he considered himself to be a spiritual person. He replied, as he usually does to this type of question – “what […]

Who do they think they are…and where did they get that car?

Well we finally took the plunge and bought and new (used) car. There is a part of me that says – hey, I want a nice car to drive around! But there is an equally large part that says – hey, I don’t want to own a car!! So I am torn. Basically, I think […]

You’ve got the cutest little baby face…

W is getting bigger and bigger every day.  Unlike his sister C at the same age, W is already smiling, and even starting to laugh – albeit in his sleep.  I wonder what he is dreaming about that he finds so amusing?  Since both kids are changing so much every day, I am glad that […]