What did I learn this week?

What’s happening…?

Well, for those who don’t already know, W was born on June 18 at 3:01am after a short 3 hours of labour and 11 minutes of pushing. Contrast this to C’s entry, which entailed 20 hours of labour and 3.5 hours of pushing.

I had posted an entry that evening, but Corey felt that there was perhaps “too much personal content” and that he did not want to deal with the phone comments that might be headed his way. I disagreed, but out of respect for his concern, I took it down.  (I think he is still adjusting to the fact that my style of blogging differs vastly from his – not surprising since we are in fact different people, right?)

In any event, my intention at the time was to repost it, but since I was in labour, I wasn’t thinking totally straight and I deleted it instead (I’m not exactly a wordpress genius). Too bad, because in the two hours the post was up, somebody else had already read it and indexed it on their site, with the comment that it was a worthwhile read. I am hoping to get back to rewriting that post soon – I think it was a worthwhile read too, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, a lot has been happening since then, but I just don’t have the energy to write about it at the moment. The important thing at this point, though, is that both W and C are fine and we are all back home.

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  1. Nice to hear from you, Justine. I’ll give you a call soon and hopefully we can get together.

  2. Welcome back and we are glad to hear that W is fine. I guess you did not make it to the Fibre Fest 🙂 Did you get the package from Aus.?

  3. Congrats Justine!!

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