What did I learn this week?

Homeschooling is not a dirty word

My mom related to me an incident that occurred at the drop-in playgroup a few weeks back. During snack time, the kids sit at 3 large tables and share food from the snack tray that is served up. C, however, has taken to sitting at a small play table by herself, or, with one other […]

I just love old peoples’ faces!

Another of C’s gems: “Mummy, I just love old peoples’ faces!” “Oh, really?” “Yes! They are so wrinkly and FUN to play with!” Next thing I know, when Corey’s mom is here: “Nana, you have lots of wrinkles! I don’t have any on MY face.” Hmmmmm….luckily, Nana does not seem to take offence. However, given […]

Are you a good parent? (2)

As previously noted, I published and then deleted my earlier post of this title, but here is the rewritten version. If someone were to ask the question “are you a good parent?”, the answer would probably be “yes, I am…I think?” There is no such thing as a parent who has no doubts about the […]

EWG’s top 10 safer sunscreens for 2008

Following up on the same research it did last year, the Environmental Working Group has again released its latest recommendations for choosing safer sunscreens this summer. You can view their top 10 list of products for 2008 here.

A perfect moment

Getting C to bed is always a task that requires the three “p-‘s” in abundance – planning, preparation, and patience. For some reason, she is convinced that she is going to miss out on something exciting if she goes to sleep (hence, the resistance to napping during the day). While I am flattered that someone […]

What’s happening…?

Well, for those who don’t already know, W was born on June 18 at 3:01am after a short 3 hours of labour and 11 minutes of pushing. Contrast this to C’s entry, which entailed 20 hours of labour and 3.5 hours of pushing. I had posted an entry that evening, but Corey felt that there […]