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Baby Kangas in the house

On Friday I was in the newly opened retail space for Jamtots. The store looks good, but the staff still seems a bit in the dark about the products – whether they have them, will get them, and how one product compares to another. Hopefully time will change that, since the women who started Jamtots online were always extremely knowledgeable and happy to share their opinions and experience.

Anyway, I bought two Baby Kanga pocket diapers to try out on C. I thought these would be a bit easier to manage for Corey and my dad, and also convenient for trips out. I didn’t spend the extra dollars for an insert, figuring I have enough prefolds to use for that purpose. This weekend I tried them out on C with one infant sized prefold as an insert, and they seemed to work fine. And, given they are a one sized diaper, I thought I could probably get my money’s worth because I could use them for either C or her new little brother.

I also ordered a couple of Bum Genius from Nurtured Products for Parenting – because April had a lovely coupon promotion and I wanted to order some of her sherpa fleece cloth wipes to try out too – so after those arrive, I’ll see if they work as well. The main difference between them as far as I can tell is the Baby Kangas have snaps and the Bum Genius have velcro. But, we’ll see if there are any other differences in terms of how well they work on my kids.

I also bought some cloth wipes at Jamtots to try out – some Sugar Peas organic hemp fleece wipes and some Kissaluvs organic cotton terry wipes. The hemp wipes are softer, but the cotton ones are larger, so I haven’t yet decided which I like better. I had to switch to cloth wipes and plain water because C was complaining that the Seventh Generation baby wipes were stinging a little, especially if she was looking a bit red (although I still think these are a great product – C just has very sensitive skin).

In any event it sure is helpful to get feedback like that from the person you are using them on! Speaking of that, C has told me that she “likes the cloth diapers much better than the paper diapers”, and I have to say, she has had a lot less of a rash problem since I switched. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I am using mostly cotton or bamboo diapers with wool covers, and only using synthetic fibre products on her for a few hours a day if at all. Even the liners I am using (when I need to use them) are made of raw silk, rather than the microfleece. I tried using the bioflush paper liners a few times, but those also made her red.

Anyway, even though they are synthetic, the pocket diapers so far are a good addition to my cloth diapering system, just for the sake of convenience when I really need it!

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  1. We tried G-diapers but found they weren’t cost-effective and decided that flushing/composting all the inserts was more trouble than it was worth.

    We use fuzzy bunz for Benji and are pretty happy. I use a rice paper liner to make cleaning a little easier. I find that they leak if he pees while sitting down but I haven’t given up hope yet.

    There were some cleaning challenges. We were using soap flakes but they weren’t combating the odor, so we started a cold water rinse with oxyclean. I’m not a big fan of bleach but it does help. The odor still lingered, though, so ALL detergent is used every once in a while to freshen things up.

    Cloth diapers are definitely more work than disposables but we saw our garbage volume go down by a third, so this was reward enough.

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