What did I learn this week?

Victoria Fibre Fest

The Victoria Fibre Fest and Knit-Out 2008 is next weekend, June 20-22.  Hmmm, wait a minute, isn’t something else due to happen that weekend? Well, I may or may not make it to this event…

Kids say the darndest things

OK, so please do not read this post if you are (a) offended by bad language, (b) shocked by things kids say, or (c) thinking of posting a comment opining that this is simply a result of poor parenting – JUST SO YOU KNOW! On Saturday I was getting out of the shower when I […]

This is news…?

I guess it is for some people. Apparently there is mounting evidence confirming that overweight babies and toddlers are at an increased risk for obesity later in life. There is definitely a difference between having a toddler who still carries “baby fat” and one who is overweight, but most parents of these children seem to […]

Sweater update…

I know, I know, this is all very exciting and you can’t wait to hear how my first baby sweater project is progressing. Tonight we started on the collar, which I can easily finish at home this week. Next Monday is our last class and all that needs to be done to finish up is […]

Baby Kangas in the house

On Friday I was in the newly opened retail space for Jamtots. The store looks good, but the staff still seems a bit in the dark about the products – whether they have them, will get them, and how one product compares to another. Hopefully time will change that, since the women who started Jamtots […]

Moving steadily towards “the” date

So, if I go to my due date I have a little less than 2 weeks to go to June 22.  Despite early dilation and the continued mild cramping (ie continued slow dilation), I don’t feel like anything is imminent.  And that suits me fine.  True, I do have some difficulty and discomfort turning over […]