What did I learn this week?

Feeling bamboozled

A few months ago I switched C to cloth diapers. It is something that I had intended to do sooner, but never got around to. Also, I was hoping she would take to using the potty on a regular basis, but so far, she is really not consistently interested. By the way, she also rages about diaper changes, so it is really not a good situation all around.

In any event, since I wanted to go with natural fibres as much as possible, I chose to buy a combination of prefolds and some bamboo fitted diapers. I bought two kinds of fitteds, Bambineo and Bamboozle. The main difference between them is that the Bambineo have velcro and the liner is not sewn it, and the Bamboozle have snaps and the liner is sewn in. In my mind I always thought velcro would be easier, and now I see that I was not totally off base.

Both of the larger size of these diapers is supposed to fit up to 35 pounds, which C is well below (in addition to being of slim build). However, for some reason I kept having a bit of trouble getting the Bamboozle diapers to fit – they seemed VERY snug. After taking a closer look, I see that in one of the diapers I purchased, the snaps are significantly off centre (about an inch more on one side than the other). So, of course, I can’t get this one to fit properly.

What do I do? Well, these were not exactly cheap – the Bamboozles were the most expensive diaper I bought because I was looking to have a few really high quality fitteds in my diaper stash. I emailed the online retailer I purchased the diapers from, who quite appropriately referred me to Bummis, who is the manufacturer, with the reassurance, that I should not worry as they have great customer service.

Coming on two weeks later, I am not exactly blown away by the service. To my mind, this should be a simple matter – the diaper should be exchanged for one that has the snaps properly centred. Instead, I have received emails from Bummis saying that they are “stumped” by the problem, that “this is the first [they’ve] heard” of such a thing happening, and that all the ones they have there have the snaps centred exactly 2 inches from either side.

Well, I don’t know about you, but when that is the response I get, I feel like they might as well just say – hey, sorry, but we don’t believe a word you are saying and we aren’t going to help you. Excuse me, but who doesn’t have better things to do with their time than make up defects in a diaper and ask for it to be exchanged? I certainly do! We are talking about 1 diaper here people, and it certainly cost me more to buy than it would cost you to exchange.

Anyway, feeling frustrated after sending a few more emails to which I haven’t yet received a response, I finally took some photos of the snaps in question and sent those off in an effort to prove my case. So, I now sit and wait to see what happens. But, you know, this is the kind of thing that REALLY, REALLY annoys people to have to go through with any retailer.

I should mention, however, that the online store I purchased the diapers from (along with several other items), New and Green Baby Company is completely great and I would recommend it without hesitation. The other online store which has been really wonderful to deal with is Nurtured Products for Parenting. The women who run these businesses do a great job, and I have never had a problem with either one.

Bottom line – if I had to choose again, I would stick with the Bambineos. They are a bit less expensive than the Bamboozles, the velcro is easier to fit, and they are trimmer through the waist. And, if I was on the fence between them before, this other nonsense tipped the scale for me in favour of the Bambineos.

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