What did I learn this week?

Disney Princesses keep coming at me

After my previous rant, Corey kindly found this article for me on the Disney Princesses. Clearly I am NOT the only one who has issues with the Disney Princesses. Did I mention that this weekend’s visit by Corey’s mom was accompanied by a present for given to C (without warning) in the form of a […]

How are you today?

Have you ever noticed that, in most cases, when someone asks “how are you today?”, they don’t really expect an honest answer? It is just a formality, with no actual expectation (or desire on the part of the asker) that you reply with any sort of accuracy or honesty. I mean, what are you going […]

Feeling bamboozled

A few months ago I switched C to cloth diapers. It is something that I had intended to do sooner, but never got around to. Also, I was hoping she would take to using the potty on a regular basis, but so far, she is really not consistently interested. By the way, she also rages […]