What did I learn this week?

Yogurt making 101

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I make my yogurt.  It is REALLY easy, but it is one of those “recipes” that most people seem to have forgotten about.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I am posting my favourite how to make yogurt link instead.  The only thing I do different is […]

Here come the holidays…

So, the holiday season is upon us, and Solstice and Christmas will be here before you know it. C is enjoying watching the original animated version of the Grinch twice each evening. If you are wondering why that cartoon still looks good, its because Dr. Suess wrote the screenplay, and was intimately involved with the […]

Where does the time go? And when does it come back?

Now there’s a question all parents must ask themselves. But seriously, how do people ever have time to do anything when they have children? I am constantly in amazement when I hear people rattle off the activities they are planning for the weekend – playdates, birthday parties, swimming lessons, dinner with friends – sometimes all […]

My book would be REALLY complicated

C just finished her bath upstairs with Daddy and W.  I can hear her talking to Daddy about what she did today, and a few other things: “Well, Daddy, I could write a book, but my book would be REALLY complicated to understand because it would be written in Japanese.” “Oh, you can write in […]

Learning the language

I just love how children use language!  You hear people getting so excited about the new and different ways that this or that writer is using language, but there really is nothing to compare to the way kids use words when they are still learning the language. For example, yesterday C told me that the […]

We now resume our regular programming…

Ok, so I have been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging since we went on our road trip to California. No need to say anything about that since Corey has thoroughly documented the whole trip! I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately and unable to get anything done that takes more than a couple […]

Not back to school…or preschool

I read this post on the whole back-to-school mindset which has become part of our culture…I think she has it pretty spot on. Even though C isn’t old enough for grade school, we are already getting hit with it from parents who are putting their kids in preschool. For some reason, I get looked at […]

Goodbye Mountain Buggy; hello Joovy

A couple weeks back I decided that it was sadly time to part with my beloved red Mountain Buggy stroller. I bought this stroller before C was born and it was my one really exspensive spluge item. Although C didn’t think much of it at first, she eventually warmed up to it – at about […]

Define this

C is constantly asking what certain words and phrases. Sometimes it is challenging to explain definitions in a way that actually makes sense to a child of 3. Here’s the latest example… “Mummy, what does ‘swashbuckle’ mean?” “Hmmm…swashbuckle…er…well, a swashbuckler is someone who wears puffy shirts and carries a sword and generally does heroic acts […]

One again!

Hard to believe that we have yet another baby who has passed the one year mark. The first year with C really seemed like a year. The first year with W has flown by incredibly fast. I think probably because I have been so much busier looking after two rather than just one. It is […]