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Define this

C is constantly asking what certain words and phrases. Sometimes it is challenging to explain definitions in a way that actually makes sense to a child of 3. Here’s the latest example…

“Mummy, what does ‘swashbuckle’ mean?”

“Hmmm…swashbuckle…er…well, a swashbuckler is someone who wears puffy shirts and carries a sword and generally does heroic acts and steals from the rich and gives to the poor.”

OK, give me a break, this is the end of the day during storytime, and I am tired. But really, how DO you explain swashbuckle? Here is the wikipedia definition:

“The word “swashbuckler”, in the modern sense, generally describes a fearless romantic archetype, a fictitious, adventurous, sword-wielding, male character who seeks to win the heart of a beautiful lady while rescuing society from the clutches of a dastardly villain. A classic swashbuckler exhibits exceptional courage and swordfighting skill, a strong sense of honor and justice, a chivalric romantic sense, and the capacity for wit, style, and resourcefulness under pressure.”

Sooooo, I’d say my lame attempt at defining swashbuckle wasn’t actually so bad!

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  1. you did better than I would have!

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