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Crafty mamas

In the March/April 2009 issue of Mothering magazine there is a great article about five crafty mama bloggers who make all kinds of neat stuff – sometimes even for sale even if you don’t want to take the time or are not inclined to make it yourself. Anyway, I thought I would post about these five women just in case anyone else feels like being inspired (or, intimidated, as the case may be)!

Amanda Blake Soule, who I have written about before and absolutely LOVE, is one of the featured crafty mamas. I do have to say that the photo of her “studio” really did make me jealous. Eren San Pedro makes, among many other things, traditional rag rugs, which I think is really cool. Both Amanda and Erin are also mothers who know the value of homeschooling, so of course I am loving that too.

Also featured in the issue is Amy Karol, author of Bend the Rules Sewing, which has an associated Flickr group. The other two featured crafters were Stephanie Congdon Barnes and Sally Shim, who, of course, also make beautiful things.

The one question not answered in the article? How in the heck do these people have time to do all of this stuff with all these little kids to look after? I mean, Amanda Blake Soule is a homeschooling mother of four kids, one of whom is around W’s age.

Oh, did I tell you that one of the other featured articles in this issue was “YOU CAN WORK AT HOME AND THRIVE!”

Excuse me, what exactly do you think I am doing all day long?

OK, feeling just a little bit intimidated here…must go and make a pannetone from scratch…

Wait a minute, if I was really like those other women, I would be raising the geese to pluck and make the pillows I need to properly cool the freshly baked pannetone on that I made from scratch. Maybe I’ll think of something else to do while the geese are growing fat. Oh, wait, I know! I am going to finish the beautiful mauve eyelet dress that I am making for C. I do have all the pieces cut out, I just have to actually construct the garment.

Oh yeah, and remember to buy the required notions to finish this project ie buttons, zipper, beads and ribbon to finish it. No problem.

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  1. I haven’t read that issue yet. But I’m just going to content myself with the thought that there is are some corollaries to “YOU CAN WORK AT HOME AND THRIVE!!!” that are something along the lines of “you will eat a lot of take-out” and “your children will be leased to a rug-making company” or at the very least “your house will permanently resemble an explosion in a toy factory”.

  2. Hey Justine,

    I love these crafty mamas too. I just found a great blog called cafemom. It has a great interview with Stephanie Cogdon Barnes plus links to more fabulous mom bloggers. I read it and thought of you. Hope you enjoy it!



  3. […] So here is the final result of my first attempt at dressmaking (AKA the beautiful mauve eyelet dress). […]

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