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What did I learn this week?

Crafty mamas

In the March/April 2009 issue of Mothering magazine there is a great article about five crafty mama bloggers who make all kinds of neat stuff – sometimes even for sale even if you don’t want to take the time or are not inclined to make it yourself. Anyway, I thought I would post about these […]

Also not safe…

My 9 month old just figured out how to climb up the stove…not sure how to childproof that one.  If I take the handles off the oven, how will I open the door? Hmmmmm…

I love it when that happens! Part 2

So, I sure did think that I was lucky when I got the Mala art easel for free, but that is nothing compared to our latest score: a brand new washer and dryer set courtesy of Thrifty Foods! Yes, that’s right, we are the lucky winners of the “Spring Clean” contest and will soon house […]

That is NOT safe…

Day before yesterday, I am upstairs doing something when I hear the cackling approach of W. Where is it coming from? The staircase. I see Corey standing behind him as W proceeds to climb up the 14 steps to our second floor. By himself. Did I mention he is only 8 months old? Hmmmm. He […]