What did I learn this week?

I want to live the glamorous life

Just kidding. I wouldn’t be a stay at home mom if that were actually true. The other day I was trying to remember what I thought I would be doing at 40, what my life would be like. I can’t actually remember what I thought because I don’t journal, and unlike some people, I don’t dwell too much in the past. Which got me thinking, maybe I should be keeping a journal? If W has taught me anything, its how much stuff I just can’t remember about what happened with C, even though at the time I DO clearly remember that I thought there was no way I could forget it (I know that sounds weird).

Anyway, I was thinking maybe a journal would be a fun way to keep track of little thoughts and things that happen, plus stuff I can’t or don’t want to write about here for whatever reason. However, I am wondering when I would possibly have time to journal, given that I still haven’t managed to finish knitting C’s poncho – possibly the easiest knitting “pattern” ever: two rectangular garter-stitched pieces sewn together – but I do know things will change.

But back to being 40. For the most part, I am feeling good about it and about my life. The one thing I am NOT thrilled about is having to renew my driver’s license. I am afraid that the mileage of the last 5 years and two kids is really going to show (particularly after this past week!). I think I have finally reached the point where I will look at the two photos and see two totally different people. I suppose everyone goes through this, and I am not saying that it makes me unhappy, just reflective – and that is never a bad thing.

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  1. Hey, did I miss your birthday???? When is it?

  2. Justine! I return to the world of knitting after a year and a half and who is the first person I find–you!
    I love the photo of W and C.

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