What did I learn this week?

Those would be MY kids…

They are the ones who aren’t wearing any clothes by the end of playgroup…and what about that little girl who isn’t wearing a coat or sweater in the freezing cold…do you hear that screaming…no, it is not a wild animal, just C upset about everything and anything. But, the two of them are also irrepressible spirits who are both laughing and screaming with delight at the silliest things.

Last week we went to see the Christmas trees display at the Festival of Trees. There is one tree that is a sort of “wish tree”, with cards on which people have written Christmas wishes. C stopped to look at this tree, and a woman who works in one of the shops in the hotel lobby came out to talk to her, and asked if she would like to make a wish to put on the tree.

Oh yes!

Now, there are lots of wishes on this tree for world peace, to end hunger, to find homes for the homeless, to cure cancer, and on and on. So, what is your wish, C?

“I would like a pretend telephone that makes noise. But not too much noise. Just quiet noise.”

So, if you see that wish, written in adult handwriting by the shop lady, you will know who made it.

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