What did I learn this week?

Family visits…

Yesterday we went up to visit with Nana. C really wanted some one on one time with her, which she never gets. While we were there, C all of a sudden turned to me and said, “I’m just wondering why Clare isn’t here?” Clare is her cousin – Corey’s brother and his wife have 3 girls, Clare (3) and one year old twins. They are pretty well always at Nana’s when we are there, and Nana spends a lot of time with them.

Anyway, I said to C that I thought Clare was probably with her mummy and daddy, “why, did you want her to come over?”

C paused, “Ahmmmmmm………no. I don’t.”

It’s not that she doesn’t like Clare, it’s just that when Clare, or the twins, are around, Nana doesn’t have any extra attention to give to C, and that always disappoints her. So, it turned out to be a nice visit because C got to see Nana, and had only W to compete with for attention, instead of him and all the other girls. Nana has only seen W a handful of times since he was born, and only twice in the last four months.

Hopefully things will change, but Nana is pretty busy.

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