What did I learn this week?

Welcome to the pest house

For the last four weeks, everyone here has been sick – unfortunately including me. For anyone who thinks there is nothing worse than being sick, it is, in fact, much worse when you have small children to look after (who are also sick).

What I have found yet again, is that women do seem to be biologically more able to handle sickness and sleep deprivation than men. Corey and my dad are basically useless when they are ill. All they can do is crawl into bed undisturbed, reemerging only once they feel better. Me? No such luck. I was happy to get a few morning with some extra sleep time courtesy of Corey, but mostly, it is just suck it up and try to keep going until bedtime arrives again that night.

But in any event, I am finally now starting to feel better, except for a persistent cough, and for that, I really am thankful!

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