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Stain Stick MIA

For some reason, I can’t find Spray N Wash Stain Stick anywhere. I have been to 6 different retailers, and I even phoned Spray N Wash – no one knows where it is (or, in the case of the retailers, what it is). I feel like I am in some surreal sci-fi story where things keep changing and disappearing, but only the lead character notices. Weird.

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  1. I have been looking as well. I phoned the distributor who said it was still available and gave me a long list of places to try – with no luck.
    It is available from http://www.spraynwash.com
    Unfortunately I live in Canada so shipping, duties etc. make the cost exhorbitant. I guess I will just keep looking or get some on my next trip to the US.
    Good luck with getting some.

  2. Karen – sounds like you got the same shpeil I did from the Spray N Wash people. I did have some apparent luck using the Thrifty Foods online feedback page. I complained about the fact that I could not find this product, and someone actually called me back. She said that the stain stick has been discontinued from Thrifty’s product line due to “declining sales”. She said that people want more environmentally friendly products, like the Method line.


    First off, Method doesn’t make a stain stick, and I don’t know if they are environmentally friendly because on their other products, they don’t list ingredients. Second, have you seen the laundry aisle lately – I think stain stick is ALOT better than chlorine bleach, and everything else that Thrifty’s still stocks. What did I actually say to her? I said “Well, the reason your sales are declining is because half the time the item is out of stock, and the rest of the time it is way on the top shelf where you can’t see it.” No answer. Lance made a good point that maybe stores don’t want to carry stain stick because it lasts too long…could be.

    That said, the Thrifty’s rep did tell me that she would special order me a case – but I haven’t heard from the store yet, so all I am saying at this point is, hopefully I will be getting some soon.

  3. Apparently my case of 10 Stain Sticks has arrived at Thriftys! Hooray!

  4. Picked up the 12 pack of stain stick from Thrifty’s.

    Good times, baby!

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