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Breastfeeding challenge 2008

Well, if I were really on top of things I would have posted this earlier – this years’ Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge is happening this weekend, Saturday, October 11 at SilverCity. But, since very few people read this anyway, I don’t think my failure to post about it will make much difference!


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  1. Hi Justine: I love reading your blog and have recommended it to my three daughter’s-in-law. First- Daughter-in-Law nursed for 4+ years. I myself nursed my three sons, for about 3 years each son, (oh my, that’s 9 years!). This was in the 70’s and early 80’s. I nursed in public ( Restaurants, Concerts, Shopping…) and no one ever said anything. Perhaps they were simply too shocked? This aggressive backlash your generation is facing is perplexing. I love the idea of a Breastfeeding Challenge. Wish I could join in too.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Kathleen! I have personally only had one negative comment – from an approximately 11 year old boy who thought it was “disgusting” that I was nursing C at the museum in the Titanic exhibit! I wonder what he gets at home that would cause him to have such a negative reaction to something that has no effect on him whatsoever? Maybe he needs more attention from his own parents and is feeling angry because another child is getting that attention? Hard to know…

    I will try to start posting more frequently, but it is sometimes hard with two kids!

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