What did I learn this week?

Who do they think they are…and where did they get that car?

Well we finally took the plunge and bought and new (used) car. There is a part of me that says – hey, I want a nice car to drive around! But there is an equally large part that says – hey, I don’t want to own a car!! So I am torn.

Basically, I think cars are a waste of money, they are bad for the environment, and bad for our health. That being said, with two small children and two aging parents, and some recent trips to the hospital (NOT within walking distance and a LONG busride), we decided that a car was probably something we should have.

Our new car is a Mazda MPV, and I have to say, a huge step up from anything we have ever driven. I know that a lot of people refuse to drive minivans, but I personally have never understood why. They are great for moving people, groceries, and pets from A to B, and a necessity for a 6 person household. I guess I feel that my identity is so far removed from the car I drive that it just doesn’t matter to me. As far as my car is concerned, I am about reliability, convenience and good gas mileage, and that’s it.

Leather seats and a power sun/moonroof don’t hurt either:)

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