What did I learn this week?

Lots of screaming today…(sigh)

Today was a difficult day for C, and consequently, for me too. She had a complete meltdown at playgroup when the coordinator, River, tried to explain the concept of sharing. C typically runs around and hoards the toys she really likes, and River tried to broach the subject of letting others play with some of them – big mistake. I ended up having to take her out to the parking lot (with her favorite toy – Bingo the Dog) to calm down.

I don’t mind managing the meltdowns, but they are REALLY intense, and often cause some of the other moms to kind of raise their eyebrows a bit. Oh well. C has a very intense personality, so there really is nothing else I can do except what I am doing to help her manage.

The other meltdowns came throughout the day, stemming from the usual causes – waking up from inadvertently falling asleep in the stroller (did I mention C won’t ever willingly nap – something that started when she was about 1 week old); diaper changing; suggestions about lunch; and so on.  At one point I tried the distraction method by asking her if she wanted to look at the hat I was knitting for her, and which was almost finished – she told me that I should put it in the compost, and then the toilet.  I told her I thought I would just finish it off because she might change her mind, but otherwise I could just give it to someone else rather than composting the hat.

Of course, when Daddy arrived home for dinner, she became a perfectly charming little angel. I have to laugh at that!

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