What did I learn this week?

5 weeks and counting…

…or maybe not. According to the doctor, things may progress sooner than expected, but, no one knows for sure. When I was pregnant with C I was 1 cm dilated at 35 weeks, but with this pregnancy, I am 3 cm at the same point. Well, she went right to the end, so it is possible that he will too.

Corey sounded a bit frantic when I called to give him the update, because as he always says, he is “really counting on having 5 more weekends to get everything done.” Reality? Everything is never done, but it will be good enough…it always is.

At least I took the step yesterday of registering with the hospital. Since I did not take any prenatal classes this time around, I forgot that I was supposed to do that. Not that they wouldn’t take me if I showed up there in labour, it just saves having to do the paperwork at that time. Goodness knows there is enough paperwork to fill out once a baby is actually born.

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